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This exhibit came to mind while in Abu Dhabi visiting my daughter who lives on the NYU university campus. In the UAE with a population of less than a million people there has been an incredible generational change. I was inspired by the transition into urbanization, globalization, that has brought them universal education and the impact it has had on their ancient culture. The leap of faith on behalf of the great grandparents and grandparents, most illiterate would not have been able to imagine in less than 100 years.  Courage/Hope/Loss…

Art enables us to stretch our imaginations, to transform our everyday lives into its epic journey.   This exhibit is about the gateway to illuminating the vulnerable and the controversial; the human figure addressing challenges on identity, diversity and place. It is about conflict, the spoken word and what happens when self comes to mind as we reshape our personal landscape in the abstract. Not to mention the role of the more recent stress of how climate change impacts our lives, this exhibit was also inspired by the welcoming of refugees to Canada. The eye sees time as faceless like fallen leaves crumpled up, we laugh, we cry, forget to die…

About Face: Images in Transition reflects timelessness, explores empathy, courage and joy. The series gives distance that serves to remind me of perspectives we share and those we have lost as new memories are created in a different place. The palette is inspired, the brush strokes become more determined. I am reminded we have free will to turn away from betrayal veiled in the hush of neon orange.

We are but fragments of our past, stolen by the present to, before all else, start again.  M.E. Symons

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